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Hand Citrus Juicers Juice Extractor Green

Hand Citrus Juicers Juice Extractor Green

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A well-made juice is always a great dietary option for a quick and delicious

meal but getting the right juice isnt always so easy. This Hand Citrus Juicers

Juice Extractor will work great for oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit and all

other citrus fruit. It even eliminates pulp and seeds easily, perfects for

restaurants, super markets, small grocery stores or for those who love

freshly squeezed juice in the morning everyday. This is a perfect device to

get the most out of your fruits so you get a great and delicious beverage that

will get you going through the day.


1. Beautiful and reliable tabletop juice extractor. Stainless steel top strainer

which eliminates pulp and seeds.

2. Cup is removable for easy cleaning.

3. Strong and durable iron connector and handle. Efficiently squeezes every

drop of juice from the fruit.

4. Guarantee taste and quality, extremely eco-friendly and safe to use.

5. Easy for quick cleaning.

6. Professional-quality juice extractor for home, made of cast iron and

stainless steel. Easy hand wash cone and funnel parts.


2. Model: JC-1.

3. Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel Cast Iron Rubber.

4. Weight: 6.1kg.

5. Overall Dimensions: (8.66 x 7.09 x 14.57) / (22 x 18 x 37)cm (L x W x


6. Container Diameter: 4.72 / 12cm.

7. Four Suction Cups: Fix the Juicer to Any Surface in Your Kitchen.

8. Perfect for: Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons, Limes and More.

9. Comes with: Strainer, Cone, Holder, and Bracket.

10. Operation Method: Completely Manual Operation.

11. Color: Green.

Package Includes:

1 x Juice Extractor.

1 x Plastic Cap.

1 x Manual.

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