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Lace Underwear Women's No Steel Ring French Sexy Bra Showing Breast Small Thin Ladies Triangle Cup

Lace Underwear Women's No Steel Ring French Sexy Bra Showing Breast Small Thin Ladies Triangle Cup

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product description
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    • product information
    • Name: Lace Underwear Female No Steel Ring French Back Sexy Bra Showing Breast Small Thin Ladies Triangle Cup
    • Brand: Wismus
    • Item Number: D323UX
    • Color: black and white skin

  • product Index
    • Thickness index: ultra- thin thin regular thick
    • Softness index: moderately hard , soft and super soft
    • Elasticity index: non-elastic micro-elastic elastic super elastic
    • Features
    • Comfortable, delicate, three-dimensional tailoring, perfect fit.
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1. Support one-piece delivery at home and abroad (domestic Shentong Express, 6 yuan in most parts of the country. Foreign parts support AliExpress worry-free series, China Post Shenzhen warehouse series, Wish post, Eaby standard logistics)

2. Product material: Spandex and cotton

3. Product weight: 80-90g ( size, weight will vary )



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